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One day I was at school I’m like hi iyamlol thees one girl I loke

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I was playin Team Fortress 2 today when I sent a crit rocket into a pack of a people on the other team. They all died and I looked at them again and three of their hands were touching this one persons bum! IYAMLOL

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Today I was at my house playing computer games as usual when I heard my brother sleepwalking. I followed him and he slipped over in the bathroom and fell face first into this toilet and now every day I watch him sleepwalk when he does. IYAMLOL!

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I was once pooping on the toilet, what I didn’t know was that there was a spider coming down the wall (have arachnophobia). When I saw it on the floor I lifted up my legs to stop it from biting me, I then slipped with my bum pointing out of the toilet and pooped on the spider. So despite the smell, problem solved. IYAMLOL

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Today I was playing spider-chase with some of my friends I got him it while he was stuck on the playground, right then the bell rang and he was still stuck there in an awkward position. I tried to help but he was stuck, eventually he got out. But to this day we call it the Venus-Penis Trap. (HE)AMLOL!

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