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One time I was just singing on my game and I realised I was filmed so shameful.

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One day I was at the Australian Zoo and I was with my parents, we were walking over the crocodile area and I said to my mum there’s big gaps in the wood don’t loose your thongs, right after that she tripped on the wood and lost a thong! IYAMLOL

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One time I was a talking about poop, for no reason whatsoever! Anyway, I was like “Did you know that animal poop is fertilizer and then my weirdo friend said “I poop on my tomato plants to help them grow!” I cracked up and then another kid came screaming and shouted “I AM CONSTIPATED!!” Me and my friend cracked up and the kid said “I’ll find you someday!” Yesterday I saw a creepy guy in my window, but that’s normal, right? RIGHT? RIGHT?!? RIGHT??!?!?!?!?

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One day I was at school I’m like hi iyamlol thees one girl I loke

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I was playin Team Fortress 2 today when I sent a crit rocket into a pack of a people on the other team. They all died and I looked at them again and three of their hands were touching this one persons bum! IYAMLOL

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