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So one day at the end of 6th grade, summer vacay, I was hanging out at my friends house. I forgot how the conversation started. (Mind you, we’ve been friends for more than 15 years.) So I said “I wear bras, too” He said in response, “Paris (our friend 1 grade behind us) doesn’t!” I explained to him that she was in 5th grade. She didn’t hit puberty yet. But I did. so yeah. IYAMLOL

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one day I saw your face I was blinded I lived blinded happily ever after

the end

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one day I was walking down the road and saw a sexy women her name was zoe we went on a date and we kissed.
we had a baby and lived happily ever after the end

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In my sophomore year of high school, I was in an honor biology class. Our last assignment of the year was to dissect a dead rat. My partner was a football player, easily a foot taller than me and definitely more muscular. I was a 135lb girl. I had to do the dissecting because the rat freaked him out too much. IYAMLOL

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This one time I was at school and my friend was being bullied so then i said to my friend don’t worry he’s gonna cry if you tell a teacher or his mum so sure enough when my friend told the teacher the bully just busted into tears and got detention and to this day I’m pretty sure he wet his pants.IYAMLOL.

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