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One year, on Christmas, I had received some TARDIS (From Doctor Who) pajamas. I loved them. But, one day I was in my room and my mom was in the bathroom (very close to each other) And I was going downstairs to eat breakfast after I was done playing video games. The pajama bottoms were a loitle too long, because when I went down the second step, I tripped and gave myself a HUGE bruised rug burn. It was funny, after all. IYAMLOL

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So one day at the end of 6th grade, summer vacay, I was hanging out at my friends house. I forgot how the conversation started. (Mind you, we’ve been friends for more than 15 years.) So I said “I wear bras, too” He said in response, “Paris (our friend 1 grade behind us) doesn’t!” I explained to him that she was in 5th grade. She didn’t hit puberty yet. But I did. so yeah. IYAMLOL

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one day I saw your face I was blinded I lived blinded happily ever after

the end

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one day I was walking down the road and saw a sexy women her name was zoe we went on a date and we kissed.
we had a baby and lived happily ever after the end

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In my sophomore year of high school, I was in an honor biology class. Our last assignment of the year was to dissect a dead rat. My partner was a football player, easily a foot taller than me and definitely more muscular. I was a 135lb girl. I had to do the dissecting because the rat freaked him out too much. IYAMLOL

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