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This one time I was at school and my friend was being bullied so then i said to my friend don’t worry he’s gonna cry if you tell a teacher or his mum so sure enough when my friend told the teacher the bully just busted into tears and got detention and to this day I’m pretty sure he wet his pants.IYAMLOL.

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One day being usual as possible and found a coloured stone I took it home and put it in my drawer I went to watch television and on the news I found that it was the most valuable stone on earth and decided to sell it then my freind said will you take it for five cents and I ditched it at him it broke and I got in juvy

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Once my uncle was walking to work and he had to walk past a farm like area basically what happened was as he walked past a kangaroo punched him in the face.IYAMLOL.

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I was being a newb as usual then I heard a bang so I decided to get my BB gun and I went to where the sound was. I shot 50 pellets at the janitor!!!! IYAMLOL!!!!

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I was sitting in my classroom in year one. The entire classroom plus the teacher thought that we were getting invaded by aliens so we all evacuated and found out it was the choir IYAMLOL

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