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1202 | San Antonio, TX, USA | USA | | Comments

One night, I was woken up by my boyfriend sitting bolt upright in bed freaking out. When I sleepily asked him what was wrong, he responded with, “Do you see that?! What is that?! Is that..is that a SHEEP?! Why is there a sheep in here? How did it get in here?!” I insisted there was no sheep in the room for ten minutes before he finally woke completely up and said “Ignore me. I’m losing my mind.” He had no recollection in the morning. To this day, we randomly say “SHEEP!!” mid-conversation. IYAMLOL

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My women’s choir was performing an acapella version of “Silent Night” in its original German. My family was in the audience during the show. While we were singing, my little sister leaned over to my mom and whispered, “They’re singing “O’ Christmas Tree”! In Japanese!” IYAMLOL

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1173 | Fargo, ND, USA | USA | | Comments

My mother had recently started taking a new prescription before one of our family trips to Florida. We all quickly realized that she was having some bizarre side effects and wasn’t always clear-headed. The day that we set out to go to the Kennedy Space Center, she programmed the GPS. As we started to get closer to the destination, things just didn’t seem right. That is when we pulled into the parking lot of the Kennedy Space Center Federal Credit Union. IYAMLOL

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My cousin is 3 years old, and recently potty trained. The day of Thanksgiving, we were at my house watching a movie before dinner when I excused myself to use the bathroom. After probably being told multiple times himself, he yelled after me, “TORIA! Mommy has you dressed all nice! Don’t pee on your shirt, don’t pee on your pants!” IYAMLOL

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One day, a few years ago, I was shopping with my dad and auntie. I wasn’t feeling well with a cold. I ended up telling them and not ten seconds later, I both sneezed and farted rather loudly. I cried so hard while they both stood there laughing so hard they turned red. IYAMLOL

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