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1177 | Wilmington, VT, USA | USA | | Comments

I was taking a nap around dinner time and my boyfriend came into the bedroom and asked me if I wanted him to make hamburgers for dinner. I asked him, “Do we have onion?” He replied, “No, I don’t think so.” Still half-asleep, I asked, “Well, can you make some?” IYAMLOL

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1180 | Bloomington, IN, USA | USA | | Comments

A few years ago, my dad bought some new mayo-type sandwich spread, and my mom was reading the ingredients list aloud. Now this particular spread contained a lot of additives, mostly identified with 3- and 4-letter abbreviations. At the bottom of the list, it said “WARNING: CONTAINS EGG.” My mom read that aloud, then asked “What’s EGG?” (said one letter at a time, like an abbreviation). With a completely straight face, I replied “Egg.” IYAMLOL.

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1181 | Ottawa, Ontario, Canada | Canada | | Comments

This year, my niece had a dance competition. Although I was a little shy at first, I really got into the excitement of it with my mom and we were yelling and cheering her on. The next day, it was my niece’s first communion. While my mom and I were standing in a corner of the cramped church trying to catch a glimpse of my niece as she walked down the aisle, we must have still been excited from the day before because when we saw her, we accidentally yelled “There she is! Woo, Olivia!” IYAMLOL

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When I was a kid, I got some glow-in-the-dark paint. While reading the instructions I noticed it said “non-toxic” so I waited until my brother went to sleep, painted my face (even my teeth!). Then I stood under a light until it was glowing really brightly. Finally I snuck into my brother’s room, shook him awake and said “It’s your time Timmy! I’ve come for you!” He screamed so loud it woke up mom and dad. They were NOT amused! IYAMLOL!

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Once, my cat Boo Boo hurt himself falling off the TV stand when I was away for the night; he twisted his ankle and was limping. So, when I got home, I babied him and gave him lots of treats. I told my mom off for letting him get hurt, since the two didn’t get along. About a month later, I was away again, and when I got home I was standing in the kitchen talking to my mom, saw him walk into the living room perfectly fine, stop, look at me, think for a moment, and then proceed to limp over to me. IYAMLOL

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