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While out shopping for a new bed, my partner and I were on an adjusting firmness-type mattress. I found the firmness adjuster hidden under the pillow and played with various firmness settings. The salesman was asking how I liked it when I noticed my partner had no adjuster. I looked over at her and said, “Honey, take your thingy out and play with it!” I cannot begin to describe the shades of red we all managed! IYAMLOL

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This past Thanksgiving as I was leaving, I was saying goodbye to my 90-year-old-grandmother. When she began telling me about how old she was, I told her that she doesn’t look a day over 25. Her response, “If I looked like this at 25, I would’ve shot myself!” IYAMLOL

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My six-month old daughter was crying and crying and nothing I did would calm her down. I was very very worried until she suddenly paused, let out the loudest fart I’ve ever heard from someone her size, and then started laughing. IYAMLOL

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Before our baby was born, my husband and I were slowly accumulating baby gear. When we got the stroller, we quickly assembled it and learned how to fold it up and unfold it. Except when we unfolded it, the dog had decided to investigate and when it POPPED open, it scared him so bad he jumped back three feet and started barking. He’s still scared of the stroller, six months later. IYAMLOL

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I picked up my daughter from daycare yesterday and brought her home as usual. She’s six months old and absolutely adorable. We discovered after dinner that she had learned a new trick. My husband, being a goof, stuck his tongue out at her. She responded by doing the same and blowing a raspberry, then laughing out loud–she didn’t stop responding that way for almost an hour! IYAMLOL!

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