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My son and my father were sitting out in the backyard of our old home, enjoying the day. They were talking about how a week prior, when my son had helped relocate some ducklings from the back to the front yard to reconnect with their mother. Dad, not knowing that there was a creek nearby, asked, “Yes, but where did the ducklings come from?” My son, who was in his early teens, smiled and replied “Well Grandpa, when a Mama duck and a Daddy duck love each other very much…” Dad lost it. IYAMLOL

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One time my family, friends and I were playing zombie tag in our neighborhood. One of our friends and I were running away from a very fast ‘zombie’ when he smirked and said, “Goodbye [my name],” and sprinted off, leaving me behind. Once I turned the corner, I had just enough time to see my friend get hanglined by a tree branch and lie there as the zombie got him. IYAMLOL

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I was with my mom and dad. We were in an eagle-spotting place, looking for eagles along with a few other people there. My dad, being a goofball, yelled out to my mom: “GALE! GALE!” All heads turned, wide-eyed, cameras ready, looking out for an eagle until…”IT’S A BICYCLE SIGN!” I’ve never seen a better combination of confusion and disappointment. IYAMLOL

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I got a phone call at work from my son’s daycare. They told me he had Chickenpox and that I had to come and pick him up right away. I was 7 months pregnant at the time, so after calling my doctor and finding out it was okay and making arrangements to have him babysat, I finally got to the daycare to pick him up. I found my 2 1/2-year-old beaming with a smile from ear to ear. Loudly, he exclaimed, “Mommy! Mommy I have Chickenballs!” IYAMLOL

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When my youngest niece was just learning how to talk, she would often say the most random things. One day, my mother, who was babysitting her, put her in her high chair for lunch and gave her a cup of yogurt. She stared at the yogurt for a good five minutes, then tasted it, looked up, and solemnly announced (like a doctor delivering bad news to their patient), “It’s. Blueberry.” Mom and I couldn’t stop laughing for a good while afterward! IYAMLOL

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