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My friends have a six month old girl. One day, she kept crying here and there. They didn’t know why until they listened closely and realized she was farting before the cry each time. She was gassing herself. IYAMLOL

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When I first met my mother-in-law, my then-boyfriend had warned her that I was shy. We met up at the Elks Lodge she and her husband frequented, and when we arrived some of the other lodge members were teasing her about being gullible. So, I looked at her (a retired English teacher) and said, “Do you know the word gullible isn’t in the dictionary?” She demanded the bartender get her a dictionary, and to this day tells the story every time she introduces me to anybody. IYAMLOL

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When my son was about five or six, he asked me, “Mama, when I grow up, can I be an evil genius?” I said, “You’re already a genius, and no, you’re not allowed to be evil.” He thought about that for a moment and said, “But what if I accidentally turn to the Dark Side?” IYAMLOL

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My son and my father were sitting out in the backyard of our old home, enjoying the day. They were talking about how a week prior, when my son had helped relocate some ducklings from the back to the front yard to reconnect with their mother. Dad, not knowing that there was a creek nearby, asked, “Yes, but where did the ducklings come from?” My son, who was in his early teens, smiled and replied “Well Grandpa, when a Mama duck and a Daddy duck love each other very much…” Dad lost it. IYAMLOL

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One time my family, friends and I were playing zombie tag in our neighborhood. One of our friends and I were running away from a very fast ‘zombie’ when he smirked and said, “Goodbye [my name],” and sprinted off, leaving me behind. Once I turned the corner, I had just enough time to see my friend get hanglined by a tree branch and lie there as the zombie got him. IYAMLOL

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