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When my daughter was 4, we went on a camping trip at a National Park. Evening activities included nature documentaries projected outside at dusk. As the first movie started, and we learned the subject, my daughter declared “I LOVE BEAVER MOVIES!”. It was very hard for the adults in the audience to laugh quietly! IYAMLOL

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My uncle got me a huge bouquet for my birthday, and we kept it in the kitchen so it could get sunlight. For a while, we noticed that the dog wasn’t going into the kitchen anymore and we couldn’t figure out why. I decided to move the flowers to the living room and that was when I caught on. It turns out she’s terrified of the flowers. If I bring them anywhere near her, she’ll run away in terror, yelping and all. IYAMLOL

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My husband was going through my youngest son’s backpack and discovered a rotten apple at the bottom of the bag. Our son knows that the rules are that we empty out our backpack and no food in our bedroom. When confronted about the apple in his backpack, he answered, “That’s not mine! My apple was red and shiny. That apple is all brown and yucky!” IYAMLOL

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My younger brother and I were sitting outside with our middle-aged godmother, who has a habit of dying her hair quite often to disguise her age. His godmother said, “I think, instead of highlights, I’m just going to dye my hair its original color.” My younger brother asked, “Grey?” She gave him an incredulous glare while he grinned from ear to ear, before continuing, “You must not want to live to see Christmas, child!” IYAMLOL

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The first time my little sister drank a Kool-Aid Squeeze-It, she was completely baffled with how it worked. Thinking she just couldn’t open it, I twisted the cap off and gave it back to her. That was when she looked up to me and asked, “But how do I drink it?” Trying to be witty, I said, “Well, you squeeze it.” She looked straight into the hole and squeezed half of the bottle into her face. She has never touched one since. IYAMLOL

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