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On one fateful day, I was having an argument with my mother. We were shouting extremely loudly at each with hateful words until, out of the blue, my mother called me a ‘pissbucket’. We both then paused, stared at each other, and then burst out laughing. It was the best ending to a fight I have ever been part of. IYAMLOL

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When I was a kid, I would always try to scare my brother. One day, I hid under his bed and waited for him. He walked in the room with a couple of his friends and started to play video games. I was trying to figure out how to scare him since he didn’t see me. I reached my hand out and grabbed his leg a pulled it back. He screamed really loud and scared all of his friends. IYAMLOL

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One day, my six-year-old niece came over along with my brother for a visit. She ran up to me, looking very excited. “Auntie, auntie!” she said, “I learned how to spell ‘Dad’ today in school!” So, I smiled at her and asked her how to spell ‘Dad’. She got this look of intense concentration on her face, then slowly said, “D…O…G.” IYAMLOL

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When my daughter was 4, we went on a camping trip at a National Park. Evening activities included nature documentaries projected outside at dusk. As the first movie started, and we learned the subject, my daughter declared “I LOVE BEAVER MOVIES!”. It was very hard for the adults in the audience to laugh quietly! IYAMLOL

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My uncle got me a huge bouquet for my birthday, and we kept it in the kitchen so it could get sunlight. For a while, we noticed that the dog wasn’t going into the kitchen anymore and we couldn’t figure out why. I decided to move the flowers to the living room and that was when I caught on. It turns out she’s terrified of the flowers. If I bring them anywhere near her, she’ll run away in terror, yelping and all. IYAMLOL

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