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There was a manager and his secretary.One the manager came to work well dressed but forgot to put a zip on his trouser.When he came to the office,the secretart who was a young beautiful lady asked him that Sir,why did you left your compound and forgot to close your gate.The manager response so you pass there and my gate was open,the secretary said yes.So the manager took a walk back to his house but on the way he met and old man and the many told him to zip his trouser. So the manager now understands.

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I used to work at a supermarket during school holidays. There was a time when we were having regular power outs for a few weeks. One day during my morning shift, my friend jokingly said that she wished that the power would cut out again so we could get an early break. Not five minutes later, the power did go out. My friend and I stared at each other, while the shift manager pointed accusingly at my friend and said, “Look at what you’ve done.” IYAMLOL

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Today I was in labor relations talking about seniority in the work place. We got to talking about what would happen if two employees wanted the same job but both had the same seniority. Without thinking I said, “The Hunger Games”. Everyone laughed but my professor didn’t know what I was talking about. He asked me what that meant so I told him, in my most serious voice, “They fight to the death.” IYAMLOL

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I work in a large office and have inherited my mother’s sinuses. These do not seem to be related until you consider this story: The other day, I sneezed. My mother and I both shriek during our sneezes. Across the office, I heard the tech support guy yell “BLESS YOU!” and across from me, my coworker started laughing. He turned to me a moment later and said “Bless you. My customer just said, ‘What the effing hell was that?'” IYAMLOL

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Some time ago, I was working at a famous arcade with a particular blue video game mascot, and more than once I actually walked around in the big mascot balloon suit. Those things have battery operated fans, and I would do birthday parties, appearances, public outings, etc. One time, during a birthday party, I found out the batteries hadn’t been fully charged…because my costume started to deflate. All the 5-year-olds started screaming and I was afraid the parents would hear me because IYAMLOL!

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